Who Am I?

Once upon a time, two travelers from opposite sides of the globe responded to a call from Captain Mickey. They worked tirelessly for wine & cheese night and endless selfies with Donald Duck and Goofy.

One Christmas Eve, after each had worked harder than Cinders to create Pixie Dust-filled Christmases for Guests, Crew & Pirates alike, they finished the exhausting day in each other’s company on Deck Five Forward.

That Christmas Eve, under the stars, somewhere at sea between Mexico & Florida, they shared their first kiss.

Little did they know that this was the start of a magical friendship & love…

Kia ora, I’m Christy, Christy Rose, Rosebud, S’bud, C – over the years my nicknames have gotten shorter, but my world has gotten bigger.

Out of High School in 2012, I started my first job as an Actor in a field of corn, scaring people till the wee hours of the morning. Around the same time I volunteered to help with my Church’s After School Arts Programme, “CATS” (Creative Arts and Technology School). I fell in love with teaching my little Drama class and when I was asked to take it over, I decided that I should get a qualification to back myself, so I started work on my Grade 8 Speech and Drama Certificate with Trinity College London. I passed with flying colours, worked through my ATCL, received the highest marks in 2014 in New Zealand and took on another couple of classes at another Studio. Yay me!

Even with these classes and a weekend job at a local Girls’ High School Boarding House I wasn’t really working “full time” and I found myself needing to find a more viable option. So I applied for near on a gazillion jobs and the one that came knocking on my inbox door? Disney Cruise Line (what?! I still can’t believe it). In October of 2014 I set off on my first ever flight (yep – I’d never been on a plane before), solo (best way to do your first ever flight, right?) to San Juan, Puerto Rico (just a short flight, it was fine!).

There are many, many stories to tell – inbox or comment if you have any specific questions or topics you’d like me to delve into – but the main story is that I meet the love of my life. You can read about how we met here.

Fast forward almost 3 years, we’re now married (twice), ran away to join the circus and now we’re in the midst of figuring out life in the UK.

That’s when this blog comes in. A little bit self indulgent but a LOT for our friends and family.

Thank you to everyone for sprinkling your little bit of magic on our lives – we truly appreciate your love and support!

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