Life Update | April ’19

So we’ve been in Glasgow for a little over a month now and I thought that it might be time to share an update on what’s going on. We don’t have any solid news to update everyone with – but we can let you in on what we’ve filling our days with. I’ll warn you now – this is much more of a “wordy” post with quick “life snapshots” and not so heavy on pretty photos.

Our days are mostly filled with applying for jobs, fielding phone calls from recruitment agents, interviews, applying for more jobs and applying for even more jobs. It’s been said a few times, but we really are applying for every job under the sun, and waiting for the first opportunity that’ll direct the next stage in our journey.

Following this super foamy decaf almond vanilla latte (don’t judge me – I’ve limited options so I WILL make the most of those options 🤣), I was VERY lucky to be picked up by Office Angel’s Glasgow. After my Registration Meeting with the Team at Office Angels, I walked back down Buchanan Street browsing stores looking for some “office-appropriate” clothes (UK – why oh why is your sizing SO weird?!) and received a phone call. Yip – within 10 minutes of leaving the Office Angel’s Head Quarters, I had been offered my first temporary assignment. I was quite excited. I spent the next two weeks working with a Property-Related-Company (I can’t go into details on who they were), helping them file their backlog (they were describing it as Mount Everest) both electronically and the hard copies, and archiving their 2018 files. It wasn’t the most exciting work, resulting in dry hands and paper cuts, and what they thought would take me 2 full weeks only took 4 & 1/2 days. So I ended up reorganizing their stationary cupboards, helping with a few other tasks that they hadn’t expected assistance with and getting a high score in sudoku (medium level in 5 minutes 30 seconds for anyone who’s interested).

Spring arrived in Glasgow during those two weeks! It was interesting seeing the change in peoples’ morning routines as it got lighter in the morning. Whilst on the bus in the morning I saw more and more people each morning out walking before work. Don’t get me wrong, winter coats are still required, but the sun has some warmth and everyone is cutting their grass. It feels like Spring.

Hubby has been doing a some freelancing, some of which has been at the local Theatre/Leisure Centre. To get out of the house, I’ve spent some time in the cafe/gym whilst he’s been working. We’ve not yet signed up to a gym membership, we’re just making use of Council gyms. It’s enough to keep my brain happy but my body is STRUGGLING. It’s quite a weird feeling going back into a gym and working out semi regularly after travelling and only having small hotel gyms at your disposal. I’ve definitely taken about 10 steps backwards physically, but my brain is still convinced that I can lift the same weights and run the same distance… My mission (once I get over this sore throat virus) is to re-calibrate things and get back into a routine to work my way back to where I was around the weddings last year. Goals!

Last week, seeing as we’ve been low key working our butts off (I’m so with the interweb lingo), we decided at the last minute to run into town to see Disney on Ice. Hubby has never seen a Disney on Ice show, compared to me who’s seen at least half a dozen – with no parks or stores, they’re pretty much the only exposure to “live” Disney that we have down under! The show turned out to be the same one that I saw with Mum last year, ‘The Wonderful World Of Disney On Ice’. It was also the first time that both of us had seen a show in the SSE Hydro – he’s normally working elsewhere when there are events on. It was a great night – the Hydro even had gluten free chips & cheese that I could eat (AND it was REAL cheese, not the fake cheese sauce that they gave us in the USA).

Glasgow also has a building that looks like the baby sister to Sydney’s Opera house, nicknamed “The Armadillo”.

Oh, I almost forgot! I also had my first ever trip to Ikea. We were gathering some ideas for the next phase, whatever that might be. I quite enjoyed Ikea, even though Hubby was bouncing all over the place like an excited toddler…

We had dinner there as well – they have “Veggieballs and Kale, Courgette and Sweet Potato Hash” a take on their Swedish Meatballs that happened to be gluten free and pretty much Christy-Safe. They were delicious, though I wished the gravy had been gluten free as they could’ve done with some moisture 😍

And that’s it, a round up on our last month here in Glasgow. It’s been busy and we’re growing a wee bit bored applying for jobs, but we’re getting there. Here’s hoping that the next update will have some more solid news for you all!

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