A Beloved’s Journey

When you’re growing up, you dream about the day you move out of home, get a solid job that you love, your wedding day, having a family… sometimes those dreams come true, and other times you have to change the picture in your head, trust in God and then work really, really, really hard to make it happen.

When I properly moved out of home (after coming and going for several years thanks to #shiplife), I moved in with my cousin Amy. We’d struck up a pretty awesome friendship over the previous year, often tackling the Rapaki track – a walk on the hills near home which involved walking varying degrees of uphill for 4-5km to see a gorgeous view of Lyttleton Harbour, before turning around and walking back down again. I’m honestly forever grateful to Amy for our 14 months as flatties; I learned a lot about myself that year, tackling some of the biggest challenges. There were many boxes of tissues, late-night-couch-chats, bottles of wine, the best cauliflower satay chicken pizza, lots of sewing, painting and creating, wedding planning, flat-dates, movie nights and garlic aioli.

Amy is one of those people who takes thoughts, ideas or dreams and runs with them – not without a lot of stress and obstacles but she makes them happen. She studied to be a Teacher and is loving teaching her new entrance class with play based learning, she is a home owner, recently tore down, re-built and painted a fence, sewed six dresses for ‘Dress a Girl Around the World‘ (we won’t discuss the fact that those dresses were “in progress” for the good part of a year 😉), went to Manila and twice to Uganda on mission trips or to volunteer at Baby Watoto…you know, just to name a few random things. I think it was that last trip to Uganda that really nudged Amy onto her current journey.

Amy grew up with dreams like all of us a good job, a husband and children. When people asked what she wanted to do when she grew up she would say ‘a teacher’ or ‘a mum.’ Her ‘Prince Charming’ hasn’t arrived on his white horse as of yet but Amy is working towards her other dreams. She has always wanted to be a Mum, and had always thought that her family would include both biological and adopted children, and is now working to make that a reality.

Over the last 16 or so months, Amy has been working through the process of international adoption, hoping to adopt a little girl from India. The process in New Zealand is NOT easy at all, and it’s been a mission to sift through all of the advice to find the best course to take. You can read about how Amy’s journey started on her blog, where she talks about her decision to adopt from overseas.

Apart from the mountain of paperwork (which included a questionnaire of 338 statements where she had to select ‘True’ or ‘False’ on a range of statements including ‘I often hear voices in my head that are not my own’, ‘I would like to take a course in floristry’, ‘My hands and feet are usually warm enough’ and ‘It would be better if almost all laws were gotten rid of.’), one of the biggest hurdles has been raising $20,000 NZD to cover the majority of the costs of the adoption. After raising roughly $10,000 through savings, donations to her Give-a-Little and a Quiz Night, a family friend came forward and offered an interest free loan for the remainder. There were many happy tears when Amy first told us this development, because this means that she is now in the waiting phase, waiting to be matched with her little girl, whom she’s lovingly nicknamed “Bunny”.

Bunny, you’ll see this when you come home, but you are VERY loved. You will always have someone to talk to, cry on, learn from and grow with. Life is never easy, but it can and will be all the better for having such a brilliant Mum and family looking out for you. Tips: you have cousins in both New Zealand and Australia, your Nana doesn’t like chutney but makes the best fudge, your Poppa loves a Seafood Subway roll and usually knows how to fix the toilet when it starts leaking through the flush button and your cat, Bella, is a sassy pants who will demand attention, but also give you the best snuggles.

Joking aside, Bunny, we all cannot wait to bring you home.

It does take a village, and I know that Amy is incredibly grateful to everyone that is supporting her on this journey. I wanted to write this post to highlight the hard work that she’s put into her dream to become a Mum, and to bring about a bit of awareness to people that she maybe hasn’t crossed paths with already. If you’re curious or have more question, please do check out Amy’s blog.

I know that I, for one, cannot wait to see this amazing family’s story unfold. Amy and Bunny, you have family right across the globe loving on you and cheering you on.

N ⚓ C


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