We’re no longer “Long Distance”!!!

Long distance doesn’t work.

Hubby and I would like to present the last 3 and a bit years in the argument that it can.

It’s not been easy, there have been times where we’ve wondered if it’s worth it, but the common mantras have always been, “don’t worry about it“, and “we’ll get through it“.

For the first 18 months or so I could literally add up in my head the number of days that we’d actually been in each other’s presence. Luckily, I can no longer do that, but we have gone for 4-5 months at a time without seeing each other. I think the longest gap was almost 6 months when Hubby was working for Royal Caribbean.

How did we do it? There’s really not an easy answer. With time zone differences it was really hard to speak on the phone, so we simply sent a lot of messages back and forth. We’d send photos of what we’re doing throughout the day, random things on Facebook – I guess what you’d normally send each other if you weren’t long distance. Unless we were asleep, we’d be in constant communication.

We didn’t (and still don’t) stress about not getting a chance to speak on the phone or video call – due to that pesky time difference situation, one of us would often be driving to work whilst the other one was driving home, or there was the period when Hubby was in and out of China with their strict rules on internet use, or just the fact that one or both of us were incredibly exhausted and just wanted to curl up in bed with a glass [bottle] of wine and some mind numbing bad reality TV (truth, that was just me – Hubby probs preferred to play some a capella Disney covers, drink gin and play his iPad game).

It goes back to those mantras, “don’t worry about it“, and “we’ll get through it“, which were both set in motion by our good friend Bianca. There was no point stressing about the “what if’s?”; if some awful obstacle did come along, we’d work through it together and with the support and love of our families and friends. It really does take a village!

So I suppose this is just a little life update, I’m finally on tour with my bestie and we are incredibly excited to be heading into this new adventure together! (I mean, he was lucky to get a head start, but I’m sure I’ll catch up!).

Please do let us know if there is anything in particular that you would like a wee update on as we go along our adventures! For now though, I’m off to drink wine and watch a cheesy romcom #predictable


Cover photo taken by God’s True Beauty Photography


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