Favourite Places | Canterbury

This is something that I want to do in most countries, cities, towns etc. that Hubby and I visit during our adventures: a round up of our “favourite places”. I envision that these posts will mostly be photo blogs, but I thought that this is a decent place to start!

(p.s. let’s not talk about the fact that I’m selling my DSLR, Hubby has his with him in Dallas, and whilst Dad told me I could borrow his, he forgot to tell me that the battery wasn’t with the camera until we’d already left…iPhone to the rescue!)

With less than two weeks till I head off to join Hubby – very excited to not be long distance, it’s been a journey, but we’re getting there! – I’m trying to spend a ton of time with my family. With one sister down south studying, and the other competing in a cross country endurance horse ride competition over the weekend, Mum, Dad and I thought that we’d make the most of the super warm weather and do a bit of a day trip over to Akaroa.

As kids, our trips across to Akaroa often meant the best fish and chips, homemade fudge, ice cream, harbour views and sometimes kayaking. It’s also possibly where we found out that I don’t tolerate dairy very well (ice cream + car rides…🤢) but it is definitely is a favourite place.

It was a wee bit over cast, but the perfect warm weather for wandering around. There were a gazillion tourists and even more cruise ship guests, so we looked through the shops, got our lunch and then drove further around the harbour towards the heads to enjoy some quiet 🙂

Cue the snapshots!


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