Wedding Planning | Getting Down to the Details

We’re on the downhill slope till I head overseas to join Hubby on tour, and this afternoon I’ve started working through all of the left over wedding “stuff”. A lot of decorations that I made or bought and probably am not going to need – I definitely don’t need three rose gold sequin table runners at the circus, do I?

I’ve also been browsing blogs and have come across a few new brides – firstly, congratulations on your engagement! Secondly, please keep breathing. That was probably the biggest piece of advice that my family and friends gave me! The other piece was “is this going to make or break your day, is it integral to the ACTUAL wedding?”. Wedding planning is daunting, but break it down into smaller chunks, it’ll feel so much more attainable – physically, financially and emotionally.

I think I mentioned it in the previous “Wedding Planning” post, but Hubby and I (after we set our date), sat down and figured out what were the most important things to us on the wedding day. They were:

  1. That we get married (duh)
  2. That we get good photos (where we invested our $$)
  3. That we include as many as our close family and friends as possible (hence the two “weddings”)

After this, Hubby let me go crazy with my DIY/creative genes, and let me sort the flowers and decorations for the NZ Wedding. From these, we were able to build a bit of a picture for the Scotland wedding which is where Hubby’s family (but mostly his Mum) were able to jump in and help out. That is why I can’t speak to a lot of the planning on that side of the world, perhaps one day I’ll convince my Mum in Law to write a post 😉

For the NZ wedding I broke it down into physical areas and thought about each as a vignette and how I wanted them to look + feel:

The Ceremony.

We chose the little white church down the road from my parents as the ceremony venue. This I knew I wanted to keep fairly simple and rustic, hang a few flowers from the church pews, have a touch of colour on the altar and at the entrance, but mostly, we just went with the church decor. Our Minister from my family’s Church, Hope Presbyterian Rolleston (they meet in Rolleston Primary’s Hall currently), brought across some basic sound equipment and we were good to go.

The Entrance to the “Reception Venue”.

To be fair, our reception venue was my parents’ house – going for the laid back, big family get to together vibe 🙂 but with guests coming through the house to get to the back yard, it was important that it was clear where they were to go. We managed this by placing the guest book and card table to the left of the front door, which then led them through the living room where we had a slideshow of photos of Hubby and I growing up playing on the TV, and out into the garden where they were then greeted with lawn games and the main “party” area.

The “Main” Gazebo

Holding an outdoor wedding in the South Island of New Zealand, in November was always going to be a risky move, so we made sure we were prepared with some hired Gazebos/Marquees. Happy Hire were fantastic, they came out to see the space before doing a quote and were pretty reliable! The main gazebo housed the majority of the tables, the wedding cake, microphone and sound equipment for speeches and toasts. In here, I wanted magical fairy lights, some greenery so that you didn’t feel like you were in a tent, and used pastels, rose golds & florals to bring in some warmth.

Food + Drink

This was really more about personalizing things than anything else. Hubby and I wanted to hide some Disney tidbits throughout the wedding (as we met when working for Disney Cruise Line), so I created stencils and drew a logo onto each tumbler/glass, free hand drew a picture of Olaf for the ice bucket/chiller (it’s REALLY hard to draw using chalk!), and we hung up some bunting that we made from an old calendar (cheap and cheerful haha!). Country Feasts sorted the food for us, and were able to cater for all of our food weirdo-ness. We had SO many comments about how good the food was, and our helpers were awesome – a group of family friends from church lent their hand to help make the day run smoothly. We literally are not sure what we would have done without them!

The Rest of the Garden

Even if we had gone without the gazebos, I wanted to create a magical, romantic feeling in my parents’ back yard. I imagined fairy lights strung through the old cottage garden trees, lanterns swaying in the breeze…

I hope this helps some future brides! I can’t wait to follow you on your journeys!

All photos in this post were taken by Angela of God’s True Beauty Photography


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