noun pack·​ing | \ˈpa-kiŋ  \

Definition of packing 

1: the action or process of packing something
also a method of packing

2: material (such as a covering or stuffing) used to protect packed goods (as for shipping)
also material used for making airtight or watertight

It’s that time. No longer am I just trying to minimise my life into “sentimental things to store at my parents” or “things to pack and take on the road”, now I’m ACTUALLY packing.

It is a very strange feeling when you start to pack everything up. To be fair, I’ve been living with my Cousin & Ultimate Flatmate/Landlord, Amy (you can read her inspiring blog here!) for the past 13ish months, so it’s not like I have to pack up an entire house and take it on the road, and I did only move those 13 months or so ago, so it’s not been that long since everything was unpacked anyway. Also, I have packed up my life into a case before when I was working for Disney Cruise Line, so I’m not a stranger to living out of a suitcase. This time though, is quite different. For example, this time I don’t have a definite return date. This time, I’m, not leaving my bedroom at my parents’ place as it is, this time I am putting everything into storage to eventually move or ship to wherever in the world we end up!

I’ve been tackling minimising things since July 2018, at first to make room for Hubby, and then because I knew I’d have to pack everything into a suitcase or two.

It’s a daunting task, but here are two tips on where I started:

1: Start with your wardrobe, pull out all of your clothes, and pile them into categorised piles, like “party dresses”, “casual dresses”, “office clothes”, “Summer clothes”, “Winter clothes” etc. This will help you to create that “capsule wardrobe” as you’ll be able to see everything in front of you.

From here, sort out the clothes that really aren’t you any more – you haven’t worn them in ages, they’re not going to suit your lifestyle over the next year (bye bye corporate business dresses!) and things that you’re really just not that attached to. Donate these, or if you have sisters like mine, let them go “shopping in your closet”.

2: Get out all of the things that you were already storing, childhood toys, resources from past work or projects that you’ve held onto in case you go back down that path, books that you’ve not read more than once… I’d already gone through all of these when I moved in with Amy, but going through these again more than a year later found me parting with about half of what I’d already stored.

And then packing! Where do you start…?!

I have roughly two weeks before I move out of Amy’s and then two weeks at Mum and Dad’s before I head off to Texas where Hubby will already be. I don’t really want to start living out of a suitcase right now, however there are things that I started packing into suitcases this morning after some brainstorming on how to tackle everything!

1: Formal/party dresses (I have three which I consider fall into this category, each are different levels of formal/dressed up – should cover the bases!)

2: Thick Winter jerseys/jumpers – it’s currently 21 degrees celsius (at 4pm) outside, I doubt I’ll need much more than a sweatshirt over the next month, MAYBE a rain coat..

3: Shoes – same deal as above, I probably won’t need my boots…

Next up I’ll start organising the “knick knacks”: the photo frame magnets (a lovely wedding gift – and a way to make the hotel rooms a bit more “homey”!), Christmas/Holiday decorations, power adapters and tech things… I’m already starting to see it happen, but I’m hoping that whilst I organise all of these bits and pieces, all of my other possessions will naturally fall into the “storing at Mum and Dad’s” or “throwing away/donating” piles. I am aiming to not have too much at Mum and Dad’s, and it is really a very freeing feeling whittling down the things you own!



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