Wedding Planning | Where to Start?

Wedding planning. Where on earth do you start? Especially when the last wedding you went to was the ceremony of family friends back in your very early teens, before that was your best friend’s Mum’s second wedding and before that was your cousin’s wedding (ceremony only again). How do you plan a wedding when you don’t really know what a wedding looks like?

And how do you plan two weddings?

Answer? Seemingly obvious, but it’s a big thank you to Family, Romantic Movies and Pinterest x

Hubby and I got engaged in June 2017. We decided that we wanted to set a wedding date near our dating anniversary (24th December) but not to close to Christmas, and hopefully convenient for family travelling & needing to take time away from University during exam season. We then also decided that we wanted to do two weddings, one in NZ for my fambam, and one in Scotland for Hubby’s side of the family (note: if you ever do this PLEASE give yourself at least 4 days to recover from jet-lag beforehand…we only allowed two nights and I fell asleep half way through the Glasgow reception…).

Luckily, Hubby’s Mum & the venue took care of most of the planning on that side for us – forever VERY grateful for that. It meant that I could focus on the NZ side of things, with the odd idea on what could go to Glasgow with us (luggage space allowing).

As we had roughly 18 months to plan, and I love crafts/DIY, we decided to make a lot of the decor ourselves, use silk flowers so that we could use the same bouquets etc. at both weddings, and I was really really pleased with the results! Theme-wise we went with purples, creams, greens and rose gold, and tried to insert a few Disney and Nautical bits along the way.

Here is a very small snapshot of 18 months of creating 🙂

The above church pew flower arrangements I made by using the polystyrene centres from ribbon as the base, stuck (technical term) flowers into the polystyrene, covered the back in ribbon, hot glued the flowers to the base for stability and then tied the flowers to the pews with the same coloured ribbon used on the back of the arrangements. My Mum initially thought that they looked quite large compared to what people “normally do”, but once we got them into the church they actually looked quite perfect! The flowers I ordered from all over the place, but mostly Ali Express. The church pew arrangements, along with my bouquet made it across to Glasgow as well – these were the only flowers that we took with us in the end.

I also made several flower hoops for the reception – I’ll post some photos of how these looked in my proper “wedding” post – and decorated a mirror to sit outside the front door to let our guests know that they were in the right place. The mirror I bought discounted as the frame was damaged, but it was nothing that a coat of paint couldn’t fix! I then used a gold permanent marker to draw on the pattern, with inspiration from Pinterest. My little sister has commandeered it post wedding – a little acetone to remove the “Be Our Guest” and she’ll have a pretty mirror!

The wedding cake flowers, and two small vases for the altar at the church were the only flowers that I didn’t do myself. These were fresh flowers arranged by Hornby Florists who were great in their consultation and sourced some gorgeous flowers! The “My Captain” & “My Mermaid” cake forks were from Etsy, and they were a nice wee touch to the cake table!

Thinking about it now, I think they are still in Glasgow…

My Mum, Aunt and Sisters made the cake – there were many practices in the last few months – I think just about everyone’s birthday cake this year was a different tier practice!

In the photo below you can see a small trinket that was on my Mum and Dad’s wedding cake. It is two rings linked together with two doves – our something borrowed 🙂

This is only a very small peek into those 18 months, you’ll see more when I post photos of the days themselves.

Please do let me know in the comments if you would like some proper tutorials posted!



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