The Wedding Countdown

In two weeks, HTB will no longer be “to-be”, but just a straight old “Hubby”.

This is when we freak out right? Right?

I’m mean, it’s not like we have nothing to be stressed about – we’re planning two weddings, HTB is on his way back from Colombia after a handover at his new job, I need to think about packing for a) honey moon & wedding #2 and b) my entire life into 2 cases, my parent’s have a never ending to-do list for the house and garden, getting it ready for the reception (it’s looking GREAT by the way), we both need to finish/start writing vows, the in-laws land in NZ in a week, I need to clear out my desk at work, ready for the NAIC (new and improved Christy – aptly nicknamed by my colleagues), then I need to think about the week of work trips as soon as I get back from Wedding #2, then Christmas and New Years, AND then running away to the circus.

Plus a whole lot more.

It’s now that I become very glad for the multitude of awesome people that HTB and I have surrounding us. I’m pretty certain at this point I’ve cried on almost everyone (sorry about that), but we also CANNOT WAIT to celebrate in two weeks and then in another two weeks (hey, one celebration just isn’t enough!), this crazy love and life that is ours.

Here’s a few snaps of things that we can share now – obviously more wedding and Cirque photos to come very shortly!


HTB has started the most amazing job ever. Fact.

These save the dates and cake topper were the best find ever.
They’re from Etsy Store, ‘ekkaweddings’ go check them out!

Somewhat ambitious, but I have arranged all of the flowers for the Christchurch wedding, excluding the altar flowers for the church and Mum’s corsage.
I managed to find some lovely irises – my late Grandad bred irises and not long before he passed away, he received the highest honour for his work. I’m glad that we could have him and other family who can’t make the day represented.

I’ve been playing around with this gorgeous makeup – all organic, as natural as you can get and my skin is looking AH-MAZING ❤

I had the best dance class with Summer Lloyd Dance – even though I’d trained chest at the gym two days prior, and my t-rex arms didn’t want to leave my sides. I’m very grateful to this room of ladies who aren’t trained dancers, but love to move, be creative and laugh.

Right, I’m off to freak out / drink more wine 😉

Till next time!



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