Magic Love

I figure the best place to start this blog, is how Hubby-to-be and I came to be!

It all started on the Disney Magic Cruise ship; you’ve probably already seen “Our Cheesy Love Story“:

Once upon a time, two travellers from opposite sides of the globe responded to a call from Captain Mickey. They worked tirelessly for wine & cheese night and endless selfies with Donald Duck and Goofy.

One Christmas Eve, after each had worked harder than Cinders to create Pixie Dust-filled Christmases for Guests, Crew & Pirates alike, they finished the exhausting day in each other’s company on Deck Five Forward.

That Christmas Eve, under the stars, somewhere at sea between Mexico & Florida, they shared their first kiss.

Little did they know that this was the start of a magical friendship & love…

We were living and working on a ship – life moves fast. You don’t know if you’ll be transferred ships, often your schedule will be exact opposites, plus you work (sometimes 14+ hours a day, 7 days a week), live, eat, sleep with all of the same people for roughly a 6 month contract. We also live on opposite sides of the globe, Hubby-to-be in Scotland, myself in New Zealand. Because of this, and being the logical people that we both are, we decided to “just take things as they go” and not put a label on our obvious like for one another.

Luckily (and embarrassingly) our shipmates had a different plan. One evening when Hubby-to-be (let’s just call him HTB for now) was setting up for a Crew event (he does technical things, more on that another time), and I was on an early shift (early start, early finish!). Myself and a couple of friends decided to go hang out with him whilst he set up and we waited for everyone else to get off work.

Our friends started arriving and HTB signed off his shift. We sat next to each other and couldn’t quite figure out at first why our mates kept on erupting in rounds of applause. I figured they were just having a joke with HTB. Turns out they were doing it every time he put his arm around me, touched me knee or leaned in to talk (the music was PUMPING).

The next thing we knew, the band stopped mid song.

Then, we noticed one of our friends whispering into one of the Lead Musician’s ear.

And something along these lines was announced:

“Crew of the Disney Magic! Everybody knows [HTB], right?
Well, He now has a GIRLFRIEND”

My face went red. His face went red, we all went red but could not stop laughing as THE ENTIRE CREW STARTED CHEERING.

We then had to whisper to each other, “soooooo am I your girlfriend now?”, “I guess so”.

Hubby-to-be and I were only together on the Magic for about a month before he left on emergency family leave, but we’re almost 3 years on and we’ve made it work 🙂

There’s obviously more to tell, but that’s the start of our story!

Till next time,


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